Monday 24th July 2017,

Walk the Plank?

Our mission statement:

Rock n’ Roll changes and evolves like everything else. The spirit of Rock n’ Roll however, is unchanging. It is found not only in music, but in art, design, film, and even in other genres of music. Its spirit was defiance, rebellion, counter-culture, and pure energy.

We are musicians, designers, artists, writers, and technicians. This is our time to be fans again, in the purest form, finding other like-minded artists, thinkers, believers, and ass-kickers – to highlight and display for the world to see.

Our philosophy:

Walk The Plank is an ATTITUDE.  It is a belief that in life, sometimes you have to go overboard, just to see if life throws you a float. If you happen to live to tell about it, you do it again and again, until there are no more stories to be told. This is our philosophy. Everything we do in life we look at it like we’re staring death in the face, because sometimes, if you don’t look at it that way, life will never mean as much when you live it. We’re a couple of guys with a lot of ambition . . . and sometimes a death wish . . . come on board with us & have a little fun. You only live once . . . so it is said.

Walk The Plank is:

Frank The Plank
Lex Pistols
Rik Cava